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The Angiras Lifestyle® is a deliberate, conscious and purposeful approach to everyday living that incorporates a series of natural, healthy and holistic practices, formulated and taught by Ellen Carroll, Founder of the Angiras Lifestyle®, into the daily, weekly and monthly routines of her students and clients. These practices include a broad array of life-enhancing modalities such as exercise, meditation, nutrition, Life Readings and relationships. Over more than 25 years of teaching yoga, nutrition and Angel therapy to students from all walks of life, Ellen has developed the series of wellness-building and stress-reducing principles and practices that, collectively, comprise the Angiras Lifestyle®.

Hundreds of Ellen’s students have testified to the many benefits of the Angiras Lifestyle®. For the most part, these individuals are talented, high-achieving professionals that nonetheless suffered from one or more of the well-known symptoms of modern life in a pressure-filled and time-constrained environment. By weaving select, recommended aspects of the Angiras Lifestyle® into their schedule and by embracing Ellen Carroll’s techniques for decompression and relaxation, her students have enjoyed the feeling of deep satisfaction and contentment that comes naturally when anxiety and negativity are cleansed from within.

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Founder of the award-winning Great Falls Yoga Institute and the Angiras Lifestyle®. Published poet and editor of an acclaimed anthology compiled from the works of highly-regarded authors who she brought together through the creation of a model, community-based writers guild. Certified Angel Therapist and Zumba® instructor. Experienced medium and psychic. Federally-licensed customhouse broker. Successful businesswoman with a profitable track-record in antiques, estate liquidations, educational toys and homemade crafts (of her own design and fabrication). 25 years experience teaching yoga (RYT 500), aerobics, Zumba®, weight-management and other fitness-related pursuits. Certified yoga teacher training instructor (YogaAlliance). Ellen says she was doing yoga "before there were mats." Conscientious donator of time and money to several worthy causes including a permanently-endowed collegiate scholarship fund in her name that assists aspiring writers with tuition expenses. Trained homeopathic healer. Dedicated mother of three and devoted spouse for nearly three decades. Ellen Carroll is all of these things and more...

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Wall / Athlete / Mom and Baby / Children / Couples / Yoga Students / Yoga Teachers


Workshops held on a variety of topics.


Meditation services.


Sedona. Day retreats at Randalyn Farm, Great Falls, Virginia.

life coaching

Life coaching par excellence.

public speaking

Ellen Carroll has devoted her career to helping people find greater fulfillment be it through yoga practice, meditation, poetry, art, nutrition or other aspects of the Angiras Lifestyle®. While she often tends to clients and students one-on-one or in small groups, she is also in demand as a public speaker to groups of all sizes and interests. Her genuine fondness for helping people comes through vividly in her "prepared remarks" and, inevitably, in any "question and answer" session following such remarks. As a "speaker from the heart," Ellen is often able to so engage her audience that post-address "Q & A" repartee continues unabated until external time constraints require termination.
Among the recent topics of her public speaking engagements have been the following:

  • Overcoming Catastrophic Events In One's Life (based upon Ellen's personal experience losing every worldly possession in a devastating house fire from which nothing was salvaged)
  • Starting Your Own Business (or Yoga Business or Retail Business, as the case may be, based upon Ellen's successful founding of the award-winning Great Falls Yoga Institute and Lifestyle Boutique in Fairfax County, Virginia)
  • Life In Balance (drawing from Ellen's personal experience and teachings to time-starved professionals with families and other obligations)

The common threads that run through all of Ellen's speaking engagements, regardless of the topic, are inspiration and the affirmation of the positive. Her speeches are upbeat and she generally follows them with generous amounts of personal interaction with her audience.

Come Join Us in Sedona!

Sedona Retreat 2018

Enchantment Resort & Mii Amo Spa, Sedona, Arizona, USA

October 9th – 12th, 2018

A largely self-directed retreat of personal discovery and well-being with a welcoming group of friends and followers of the Angiras Lifestyle surrounded by the beautiful and spiritual Red Rock canyons of Sedona, Arizona. In addition to the many opportunities for hiking, meditation, yoga, shopping, art and history exploration, poolside relaxation and excellent dining, there will be an opening reception to meet our fellow journey mates and daily life-reading sessions with Ellen Carroll. Discover the wonders of Sedona and make new life-long friends while realizing your own powers of healing and wellness on this life-changing retreat to Northern Arizona.

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050-811-3829 (UAE)


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